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06.02.2019 New Website: Tons of Addons, Content, and much more!

Our new website has been applied today!

This includes:
- New UserCP and Clan options
- New Content
- Account avatar at the character information page
- Country flag at character information page. (Not 100% accurate though.)

And also we are looking for Game Masters!

Click here for details.

05.10.2019 Big Update: New Clan Addons, Vote-Map for clan wars and more!

We are happy to announce a few great changes at Extra GunZ.

- New Vote-Map system for clan wars.
- New Custom Quests - Click here for details.
- New Icons for Staff

- And much more! Click here for details. :)

04.22.2019 Small Update: Nostalgic Songs, Clan Channel Password, more!

A new update has been released today. This includes:

- New nostalgic songs!
- Option to change the key of the radio chat. (Options >>> Keyboard >>> Action 3)
- Added option to turn on/off the radio chat. (Options >>> Extra >>> Part 2)
- New Maps
- New bugfixes, and much more!

Click here for details. :)

  • Mineraft Quest!
  • Animated Shotguns
  • Skill-Maps
  • Warm-up in duel!

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